Noyz Narcos’ concert

Noyz Narcos’ concert

concerto noyz narcos

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, the summer tour ‘Back in Business’ by Italian rapper Noyz Narcos made a stop in Trieste at the TCC venue. Here, he performed tracks from his album ‘Virus.’

The event, organized by Notorious Events agency, featured a professional stage, three bar areas managed by Midnight srl, and DJs before and after the concert. It drew a large number of young attendees who gathered at Porto Vecchio to see the Roman artist. Over the past twenty years, Noyz Narcos has played a significant role in revolutionizing the standards of Italian rap and hip-hop culture.

His performance at the Trieste Convention Center was a successful experiment. It marked not only marked Noyz Narcos’ return to Trieste after a seven-year absence but also represented the first concert at TCC, confirming the venue’s flexibility and versatility for various events and audiences.

  • Date : 3/9/2022

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